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St Pauls Catacombs in Malta

St. Pauls Catacombs derive their name from St. Paul's Church and Grotto.
The site dates back to the 3rd century AD and represent some of the earliest christian activity in Malta. There are tombs for over 1000 bodies and the site provides an incredible insight to some of the earliest burial practices in christian life. Not all of the site is accessible, but enough is open to the public to provide a fascinating look at several different types of tombs. The site covers some 2,200 square metres.

The site is open from 0900 to 1700 with last admissions at 1630 Monday to Sunday. Telephone 2145 4562.
This site is well worth a trip and is pleasant to visit in the summer where it is one of the coolest places to get out of the heat in July and August! The location is to be found in Rabat which is close to Mdina.

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