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Sliema Shopping and much more

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  • Sliema is great for shopping
  • There are a great selection of Restaurants
  • A nice Beach Club (Sliema Pitch)
  • Very good Cafe and Bar Options

Sliema (or Tas-Sliema) is a town located on the north east coast of Malta. It is a center for shopping, restaurants and café life. Sliema is also a major commercial and residential area and houses several of Malta's most modern hotels. Sliema, which means 'peace, comfort', was once a quiet fishing village on the peninsula across Marsamxett Harbour from Valletta, but now Sliema and the coastline up to neighbouring St. Julian's constitutes Malta's main coastal resort.

Sliema got its name from a chapel dedicated to The Virgin Mary under the title of Star of the Sea, which served as a beacon and a reference point to the few fishermen who lived in that area. The name could have thus also been connected with the first words of the Hail Mary, which in Maltese is "Sliem Għalik Marija". With the 'Għ' being silent so the first part of the phrase would sound like 'Sliem a'.

In 1855 a new church dedicated to Our Lady Star of the Sea "Stella Maris" was built. Around the new church, the small village grew into a town. By 1878, the population grew to an extent that the religious authorities had the Stella Maris Church declared a Parish in its own right and it was separated from that of Birkirkara.

The town began to develop rapidly in the second half of the 19th century and later it became popular as a summer resort for wealthier Valletta residents. Their elegant villas and town houses lined the quiet, inland streets. Various Victorian buildings graced its three kilometre sea promenade which overlooked rugged rocks, farms and even a small sandy beach. The farm was eventually abandoned and in 1990, was transformed into a coastline garden known as Ġnien Indipendenza (Independence Garden).

A few Victorian, as well as art nouveau houses still remain in the inner streets, although only a handfull remain along the shoreline, as there has been significant modern development of apartment blocks and hotels. A distinctive group of six traditional houses with Maltese balconies has survived remarkably intact at Belvedere Terrace, set back from Ix-Xatt (the Strand). These houses overlook Manoel Island to the South across Sliema Creek; the houses have heritage protection and the lower buildings between them and Ix-Xatt cannot be built upwards.

In 1881 the first sea water distillery on the island was erected in Sliema (to provide water to the British barracks) on the Tinge Seafront. In 1882 the distillery was decommissioned. The building still stands today and since 1882 has been occupied by a printing press. The barracks it supplied water to have since been demolished in 2001 to make way for the development of Tigne Point.

The town has a considerable number of streets named after British governors or places, such as Norfolk Street, Prince of Wales Road (which was in fact opened by Prince Albert himself when he visited the island), Windsor Terrace, Graham Street, Milner Street and Fort Cambridge among others.

Sliema has a number of churches - such as one dedicated to Jesus of Nazareth known as "In-Nazzarenu" and three dedicated to Our Lady - Stella Maris, the Sacre Cuor, and Mount Carmel, and another one dedicated to St. Gregory the Great.

Like all Maltese towns and villages the annual parish feasts are very popular. Especially the feasts held in honour of Our Lady of the Sacred Heart (July) and Our Lady of Stella Maris (held in August) which are among the most popular on the island. While to a lesser extent in popularity are those Our Lady of Mount Carmel (July) and St. Gregory (September).

Its football club, Sliema Wanderers is one of the most successful on the island, having won the domestic league no less than 26 times. They are also the leading club in waterpolo, winning a total of 30 leagues, the latest one being the 2008 league. This is a clear indication that Sliema is a leading city in two main domestic sports on the island. The Sliema ASC club are the most successful club in Malta's waterpolo history.

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