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Keeping Safe in Malta

Malta is an extremely safe location to holiday in. The Maltese are very helpful and will assist and advise visitors.

General Safety Tips In Malta

Emergency Telephone Numbers in Malta

Emergency Number Call 112
Police Call 199
Mater Dei Hospital Malta Call 2450000
Gozo General Hospital Call 21561600

Road Safety

In Malta we drive on the left side of the road which is that same as the UK. If you come from a mainland Europe country please be careful as traffic may not come from where you expect. Take extra care at crossings and always use a pedestrian crossing ensure that the lights are green before you cross the road and keep looking for traffic. In Malta we experience some potholing of the road surface so be especially careful when driving and walking on the roads, extra care is needed in the wet.

Beaches and Bathing

Malta is famous for it’s wonderful beaches and coastal swimming and diving.
Like anywhere else you still need to be careful, check the safety flags at the beaches and also the weather conditions. Never swim alone and ensure that someone knows where you are going. Some foot protection is a good idea as you may encounter sea urchins particularly at the rocky beaches, they are a little spiky and beach shoes can be adequate protection. The Sun can be very severe and the UV index can be as high as 9 or 10 regularly. This is up to twice as high as some northern European countries, so great care is needed for the first few days.

Services and Prices

Prices in Malta are quoted in Euro and also sometimes in Maltese Lira (The Old Currency),
0.429300 MTL per 1 euro

Good advice in Malta is as it would be elsewhere, to ensure the you make it clear to all service providers what it is you want and how much you are prepared to pay before you take the service. This is especially true of Malta Taxi’s. So please ensure that you agree your prices before you make a journey. If you would like any of our Malta Taxi Prices, please call us, we will ensure that you are happy.

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